All We Are Meet & Greet Tour

To kick off and celebrate the release of our latest album “All We Are” We will be appearing in 5 HMV’s around Dublin and Limerick and also Golden Discs in Cork and Rollercoaster Records in Kilkenny in May. Check out the list below and pop down to the closest one to you to say hello and grab a copy of the album. We’ll also be playing some tunes acoustically and meeting everyone!

The Lads


“All We Are” Album Pre-Order

So its finally here! After 3 of the most amazing years of our lives playing music around the world of the back of “This Life” we are back with something we think is a game changer for us as a band. Its called “All We Are” and is our latest album! Below is a link to the Pre-Order with a Pre-Order price of just 6.99 euros (4.99) pounds. Upon pre ordering you also get the album track “Last Of A Nation” instantly. Check out the cover art and sample tunes also!

Ireland Pre-Order

UK Pre-Order

All We Are

Album Launch Show for “All We Are”

We will be playing a very intimate Album Launch show for “All We Are” at The Grand Social on May 3rd (Over 18s). Tickets are on sale now from TicketMaster and are very limited so get them quick! For everyone else under 18 we have a small few things planned around the Album Launching so don’t worry! The Countdown is on!!!


“All We Are”

Our latest Album is called


And it will be available to preorder on iTunes from as soon as the 31st of March. We’ve got some really cool stuff set up around the release of this album and plan to make a mark with this one. We’ve spent the last 3 years penning these songs and the last few months recording and perfecting them. Its gonna be special scary and exciting but we cannot wait for you all to hear it. It really is #AllWeAre #GameChanger


O.R.B – Choice Music Winners

O.R.B choice winners


“Never Gonna Walk Away” walks off with top gong for top song.

O.R.B (formerly Original Rudeboys) won the Song Of The Year award at the Meteor Choice Music Prize in Dublin on Thursday evening. The award, which was decided by public vote; was for “Never Gonna Walk Away”, which was a Top 10 Irish hit for the band released in November 2013, and has gone on to enjoy well over 3,000 plays on Irish radio.

“Never Gonna Walk Away” was also voted one of the top 3 songs of the year in the Hot Press “Hotties” poll published this week.

It’s another great chapter in the short history of this hard working trio from inner city Dublin. Formed in March 2011: Rob Burch (vocals, guitar), Ned Arkins (rapping) and Sean Walsh (guitar) released their debut album as Original Rudeboys in spring 2012. “This Life” has gone on to achieve platinum sales status in Ireland, and was the mother ship to four hit singles: “Stars In My Eyes”, “Travelling Man”, “Written Songs (Feeling Good)” and “Blue Eyes”.

O.R.B have toured extensively, including a far-reaching European and Australian arena tour with The Script in 2013. As headliners, they sold out The Olympia Theatre in Dublin three times last year. Their evocative and inventive music videos have been watched over 3 million times on YouTube. They have over 70,000 friends on Facebook and almost 50,000 followers on Twitter.

O.R.B are just putting the finishing touches to their second album, which will be out later in the spring. The follow up to “Never Gonna Walk Away” – brand new single “Feel It In Your Soul” – is already making friends at Irish radio and will be released on Gotta Run / Rubyworks on Friday 28th April.

For media contact Rory Murphy E: T: 087 900 0791

Ned’s News #3 (Latest Single)

So we’ve been scratching our large heads here in the HQ deciding what track to release next as a single before dropping Album 2. This album really has so much diversity though out it in comparison to “This Life” something we set out to do and i’m quite confident we achieved it. Theres a lot of hard hitting tracks on album 2 that bring up a bag of emotions from sadness and anger to the hard hitting truths of reality and everything in between (The usual for us so haha). But alongside that there is a brighter side to it all, While still writing lyrics that we think hit home the songs themselves are upbeat and almost feel good in a way. We simply cant wait for you all to hear them and sooner rather than later you will. But for know its a decision as to what we put out for radio stations and the general public to hopefully pick up and play. After thinking about it for a bit we went with a track called “Feel It In Your Soul” as a music listener i like to make my own mind up on what a song is about. For years i thought a particular U2 song was about something to find out it wasn’t at all. But for me it was about that particular thing and thats what i loved about it and how we all as humans interpret songs differently. So while i will give my thoughts behind songs on Album 2 its important you all bring your own circumstances and life into the particular track and make up your own ideas of what its about.

So with “Feel It In Your Soul” we wanted to bring up a topic that has always been around but brought to light even more so to us over the last 3 years as a band from fans mailing us and speaking up. I suppose the core of the song evolves around people not being happy with who they are or how they look and often with media and t.v painting the perfect picture of how you should look and feel it doesn’t help at all. So we wrote the core of the lyrics and at the beginning it was a lyrically heavy and serious song to be honest. We went away for awhile to let it sink in and came back to it weeks later and decided to turn the whole thing on its head. We dissected the lyrics and almost stripped them back to there bones. Instead of having another hard hitting sounding song (Don’t worry the album has lots) we added a 90’s feel good vibe to it with a little bit of Irish Soul and set out to celebrate people for who they are and how they look and feel. For me the song has small reflections of “Written Songs” in it as it has that feel good summer vibe but then also “Sunny Days” as its a serious subject we touch upon but do so with an up-beat vibe to it. Anyway what ever you do make sure to keep you ear open for the TRUMPETS and BASS! there epic in it. And be sure to tell us what you think over on Twitter and Facebook or even on the comments section here.


“Bring it back to the days you’d praise where happiness was a state of mind and not a phase,
 Where being you was the thing to do and nobody could say shit just keeping it true”

Nice one,


NED’S NEWS #2 (Working on Album 2)

So we kicked off 2014 with a quick trip back to London to work some more on a track that will potentially go on album 2. No rest for the wicked! Myself and Walshy headed out on the early flight (My first of 2014). Our pilots name was Cruise Thompson, What a name for a pilot. We never got to actually see him but imagined he was a majestic man of a man! Anyway we got straight to work in the studio when we arrived! No messing about with us! The track is a little different from our usual stuff but thats what we are all about. It also has a serious meaning we hope you lot pick up on when it finally gets out into the world. The first day we got down most of the instruments Walshy discussed them with our awesome producer while i took a back seat and began writing the lyrics for verses 1 and 2. We both came together to lay down the hook at the end and it was done! Day 2 came around an Bobbie bounce bounced in and laid down his vocals. The track was 90% done at this stage all that was needed was a few tweaks here and there. That last studio session tied up what we think is potentially one great album. All the tracks are recorded all we have to do know is master them and make minor edits here and there to have them where we want them. That should keep us busy for awhile and then hopefully there wont be to long to wait until we can unleash the beast on you lot! Would love to go into more detail about the album but as of know its too early to say anything. What i can say is since day one we have said we constantly want to challenge ourselfs as a band when it comes to making music and don’t want to fall into a comfortable safe sound. With that been said i really think album 2 shows a totally different side to us as songwriters and musicians, The progress over the past 3 years is clear in the new songs and i cant wait for the world to hear them. Yes album 2 still has them signature Rudeboy tracks we gained momentum with on album 1 but theres so much more going on this time around. All i hope is fans and new listeners keep and open mind and enjoy. 

Exciting times ahead,